Building a Career Pathways System: Policy Tools for Adult Educators

Presented by: Amanda Bergson-Shilcock and Judy Mortrude

Big changes are underway in the adult education world thanks to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). In particular, the law’s emphasis on career pathways is sparking efforts to better align programs across the adult education, youth services, and workforce development fields.

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But what does good alignment look like? And how can adult educators take action to drive policy, and its resulting practices, rather than be buffeted by external forces? Learn about key policy considerations for adult educators in this new landscape.

Topics covered include:

Policies that need to be in place to facilitate smooth transitions along a career pathway (such as co-enrollment and common assessment)
Institutional relationships that adult educators need to establish (or strengthen) to ensure better connections for learners
Important decision points for states under WIOA and key questions to raise at the state and local level