CN RAEN Master Teachers attend a 2 day training institute

In November CN RAEN Master Teachers attended a 2 day training institute presented by CUNY/ACCES. A great HSE Curriculum Framework was shared with our teachers. A field rollout of this tool is scheduled for early 2016.

From the CUNY Adult literacy/HSE/ESL Program:

As teachers in adult literacy and high school equivalency (HSE) education, our work has always been demanding, but now that the HSE test has been revised to reflect new, more difficult Common Core standards, the demands on teachers are even greater. Teaching students to read, write and do math at the HSE level is no longer enough. We also need to make sure students have specific content knowledge in traditional school subjects, as well as the capacity to apply this content knowledge to analysis and problem solving. We are committed to developing students’ capacity to achieve a high school equivalency credential, knowing that it opens the doors to further education and training, and work.

How can our instructional practice respond to these increased demands? We know that there is no “one size fits all” approach to effective instruction.

Denise Brocci, Capital District/North Country RAEN Teacher Leader
Denise Brocci, Capital District/North Country RAEN Teacher Leader
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Alec Pacific, CN RAEN Teacher Leader










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